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Pay off/Take up stand

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Pay off/Take up stand

Main Features:

Portal shaped structure, Electrical compacting or relaxing reels and lifting. It has function

of lifting together, drop together, lifting separate and drop separate.

 Main technical specification:

1 Take up reel size                PN2000~PN3150

2 Max take up speed                60m/min

3 Max loading                      3T

4 Lifting speed                    350mm/min

5 Take up motor                    7.5KW(DC)

6 Moving motor of portal stand     1.1KW(AC)

7 Take up adopt DC motor, which is controlled by British SSD DC speed regulator device, and make the take-up tension steady and adjustable.

8 Portal shaped stand traverses wire locomotive, which is driven by AC motor and controlled by transducer. The traverse speed follows the take-up speed, that make the traversing pitch adjustable step-less. It is with the function of traverse quickly and adjustment.

9 Bobbins clamping protection, the limited protection of up and down bobbins and terminal protection of transverse movement

10 it has the electric operate panel.

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