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Longitudinal Taping Head

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Longitudinal Taping Head

Main Features:

Electrical moveable up and down180 degree rotating to change the reeladopt magnetic powder braketo control the tension.

 Main technical specification:

1.SPD-300 Dual reel tape pay off Device

Electrical moveable up and down,180 degree rotating to change the reel,adopt magnetic powder braketo control the tension.

Tape main specification:

Hole dia:                F50

Max size :              dia ≥ F1200 ′ width 300mm

QTY of reel:            2 reels

Motor power:            0.75kw

Magnetic powder clutch: 0.6kg                                                                                   

2.CDX-300 Tape Accumulate Device

Accumulate 100m al tape for tape join.

Motor power:                1.1kw

Magnetic powder tension:    0.6kg

Max widthof tape:           400mm 

3.BND Tape join device

This decive is for spot welding the al tape and breakover the shielding layer

Welding capacity:                  15KVA

Welding time:                      0.1~9.99s

Al tape thickness:                 0.25+0.25mm

4.ZBJ-3200 Longitudinal Forming & Hot Air Welding Device

  4.1 Struction:

      Including the Longitudinal die, Diameter setting die, Hot air welding torch interface, forming die and die holder

  4.2 Main Specification:

  4.2.1 Application cable diameter:          φ5-φ80mm

  4.2.2 It’s barrel-type horn die

  4.2.3 Max line speed:                      60m/min

  4.2.4 Heating power:                      9KW

  4.2.5 Longitudinal work platform:         1700mm

  4.2.6 Tape thickness:                     0.1mm~0.5mm

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