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    Plastic Injection Molding Machine HM1680


    Main Features:

    Semi-Automatic plastic injection Machine is suitable for producing all plastic containers and plastic product in all shapes. It is widely used to produce chair,table,plate,flower pot,container,bucket,cup,basin,medical product,and so on

    Main technical specification:

    A larger template within the size, larger space, to provide customers with a wider range of processing;  
    "T type slot + screw hole template, clamping mold more accurate and efficient;  
    "Template thickening, the effective element stress analysis, the strength is greater, the stress shape change is small;  
    "Power system to increase, rapid oil road design, rapid machine control procedures, to ensure that the speed of the whole machine to enhance more than 20%, the corresponding increase in production efficiency by more than 20%  
    "Configuration of the macro - news, oil research, Schneider, OMRON and other well-known brands, to ensure control of precision and stability; 

    Products photo: