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    CNC Lathe CK61200


    Main Features:

    This is heavy type horizontal CNC lathe,which can load 16T,suitable for high speed steel and hard Alloy steel tooling for different material axis type spare parts,cylinder type and disk type spare parts,to turn outer circle,end surface,groove,cut,bore a hole,turn and bore inside and outside cone and many kinds of screw thread.This lathe is whole structure box type three rectangle guide rail structure,using high standard casting iron(HT300) to form and cast one time,through two time aging treatment,with good stability.Guide rail surface width (1600mm),good rigidity,strong anti vibration ability. Use steel guide rail and precisely turned by imported guide rail grinding machine,proving long lifetime,high precision and good preservation. Main transmission mechanism is driven by 75KW DC motor,using adjusting magnetic and pressure mixing speed regulating type,total speed ratio is 1:22.2 Mechanism speed regulating level is three level,mechanical and electrical comprehensive speed ratio is 1:200,making spindle get 0.8~160r/min stepless speed regulating range. Z feeding system uses imported precise gear and rack structure,X feeding system uses high precision ball screw,proving processing precision stability.

    Main technical specification:


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