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    Hollow Wall Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line


    Main Features:

    We can make large diameter hollow wall spiral pipe extrusion line from OD200 to OD3500, which is mainly used in drainage system in city. Is for replacing of steel pipe, cement pipe and other plastic pipes in future. 

    It consists of profile pipe extruder, fusion extruder, spiral machine, cutting machine and some auxiliary machines. It's low investment, high output, efficient, stable performance, strong ring stiffness, light meter per weight, excellent creep resistance, easy joint and economical.

    With special design single screw extruder, the screw and barrel have a unique structure, to achieve high output, low energy consumption, good plasticization. It has proper mold structure, rotating profile pipe into spiral pipe, by two extruders supplying material. 

    It adopts PLC computer control system, and is easy and stable operation. 

    CR3500 Spiral pipe extrusion line is our unique product which can produce pipe up to OD3500mm - the largest spiral pipe extrusion line in China.

    Main technical specification:


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