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    Two-stage Reciprocating Screw Extruder


    Main Features:

    Widely usage and perfect solution for different process especially suitable for thermosets, halogen free, semiconductive, crosslinkable material etc.

      - Special designed single screw flight, and kneading teeth and bolts 
    - Special operating principle 
    - Uniform shearing effect without temperature peaks 
    - Precise temperature control 
    - Excellent dispersing and mixing 
    - Self wiping and fast cleaning 
    - Multi-feeding for maximal filler loading 
    - Efficient liquid injection

    Main technical specification:

    - Put PVC resin, Plasticizer, Stabilizer, CaCO3, and other additives in proportion into high-speed mixer for premixing. The premixed material discharged from high-speed mixer is powder state.

    - The premixed powder material is fed into First Stage SDJ Twin Screw Extruder by volumetric feeder which accuracy is 0.5%.

    - In barrel of SDJ Twin Screw Extruder, the premixed powder material is melted, compounded and homogeneously dispersed under 170-180 and become melting compound.

    - The melt compound (temperature is about 170) from SDJ Twin Screw Extruder enter into Second stage SDJ Single Screw Extruder again for cooling, extruding and palletizing under low speed, heavy pressure. At this time, temperature of the extruded compound will be depressed to 120-140, which will ensure to make easy palletizing, but not stick together.

    - Pellets are cooled into 35-40 after passing through two cyclone coolers. Furthermore, the Wind Cooling Vibrating Screen will cool for the pellets again. At last convey the pellets as room temperature in product silo and prepare to pack finished pellets.

    Products photo: