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    Electric Tow


    Main Features:

    1.Safety and Stability

    1) Multi-function display:battery state,hour meter,fault indicator ect.

    2) The application of hand brake and hydraulic brake improve the safety level of truck.

    3) Stepless speed control.

    4) Equipped with adjustable steering wheel,adapted to different operators.

    5) Advance linking system is designed with orienting and fixing bracket to the trailer.

    6) Low noise.

    1) "H" type axle design gives a good stability.

    2) Batteries located in the lowest part of frame ensures tow tractor excellent stability.

    3) Automatic reset make operation easier.

    1) CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity and increase reliability.

    2) The back cover is easy to open for maintenance and replacement of parts

    Main technical specification:



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