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    Colour Sorter


    Main Features:

    ADR series rice color sorter is the most developed and stable mainstream CCD sorter. The yellow rice sorter is one of a kind and is featured at a favorable price performance ratio, by Maxsorte.

    Main technical specification:

    Technical Characteristics

    High-Resolution CCD sensors&high-speed digital signal processing system.

    Using high power LED lighting source working with special lens,which will enlarger the lighting field,providing uniform illumination,and makes the system running more stable.

    Digitalization and modularization coupled with reliability of design ensure system stability and intelligent light LED.

    The solid and dependable MODBUS communication protocol works consistently in even the toughest.

    Features various sorting modes: positive, negative, and yellow-white concurrent sorting mode.

    The individual 96-512-channel&processing system with high productivity and excellent performance lower the regular optoelectronic color sorters.


    Products photo: