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    CNC Lathe


    Main Features:

    The lathe is suitable for turning all rotation surface and end such as cylindrical surface,conical surface,etc.It can also turn all inch metric straight spread and taper thread.


    For VTC800,the spindle uses stubby structure,which is an international advanced and mature design.Spindle box and bottom seat are connected by holes,making spindle with high rigidity.This series of lathe can have optional C shaft,equipped with motive tool stand and tools,which can be combined to be a vertical turning center,having the functions of drilling,milling and tapping.X axis and Z axis are driven by servo motor,directly connected with ball screw through flexible coupling.Tool stand and tools have many options for customers choice.This lathe uses full protective, automatic protective door,easy for composing automatic production line.

    Main technical specification:


    Products photo: