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    RTP Pipe Machine - Steel Tape Armoring Machine


    Main Features:

    This machine is mainly used for armoring high-pressure hose. Final hose is used for conveying of offshore oil, natural gas and fresh water in the ocean. And conveying oil and chemical material on the land. It consist of pay-off stand, 6 plates steel tape armoring machine, 4 plates non-metal taping machine, 6-claws haul-off device, take-up stand and electric control system.


    - Tape pay-off adopts active pay-off type. The pay-off tension is constant and can be adjusted. The tension value can be shown on the touch screen.

    - It has steel tape low level detector(photoelectric type), which can alarm and stop automatically when tape is empty.

    - Each part is driven by independent motor. It adopts SIEMENS PLC to unified control and managed the working condition of each motor. The rotating speed and stranding pitch can be changed by stepless and shown on the touch screen.

    Main technical specification:


    Products photo: